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Dark Circles Around Eyes: Causes and Effects

Pulsed Light, along with peels and fillers, are the most recommended procedures to treat dark circles under the eyes.
Their effects work directly on the pigments, lightening the eye area from the inside out and correcting the deep furrows that cause the problem.
This produces a more natural result faster and more safely.

Dr. Szerman Explains:

In our clinic, we treat dark under-eye circles with Pulsed Light and Peeling. This method removes melanin pigments without harming the skin.. Additionally, we also use hyaluronic acid fillers to treat deep eye circles caused by bags, wrinkles and furrows under the eyes.
With the patient’s comfort and safety in mind, we can lighten spots and smooth out bags under their eyes, removing the tired look from their face.
To treat hyperpigmented spots and dark under-eye circles, we use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). The procedure is quick and simple to follow.
It entails the emission of light pulses that aid in the lightening of dark pigments, the reduction of the appearance of dark circles, and the rejuvenation of the skin in the treated area.
Furthermore, our clinic utilizes chemical peeling as an effective treatment to reduce dark circles under the eyes and rejuvenate the skin. This leaves our patients feeling refreshed and confident.

Before & After

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Who does it?

The treatment is administered by Dr. Szerman, a highly experienced doctor who graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). With over 20 years of experience, he is a renowned expert in laser treatments, and he even provides courses for beginner doctors.

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How does it work?

Pulsed light is used to treat vascular dark circles. For dark under-eye circles, peelings and CO2 laser treatments are effective. Deep dark circles under the eyes, which can form furrows and bags, are best treated with fillers.

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What are the benefits?

We only use the most advanced procedures and technology to achieve the best results, while ensuring our patients are as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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How much does it cost?

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- R. M. -
- R. M. -
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I had four sessions of fractional CO2 laser Deka touch treatment and four chemical peelings (melanesse and retinoic). As a result, the sun spots on my face have faded significantly, and the dark circles under my eyes have lightened noticeably.
- A. L -
- A. L -
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I've been their patient for many years and I love it! The treatments work, and the service is excellent! I highly recommend it!
- R. M. -
- R. M. -
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I was very pleased with the service. The end result was excellent. The clinic provided an incredible experience.

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The treatments administered at our clinic focus on patient comfort and safety. They are carefully designed to be gentle and minimally invasive, while still effectively addressing the issue at hand. To further ensure your comfort, we use a powerful topical anesthetic that will help you feel at ease during the procedure. You can trust that you are in good hands with our team.

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Periorbital dark circles, also known as dark under-eye circles or simply dark circles, are a common cosmetic issue. They are such a common complaint that they are second only to wrinkles on the list of cosmetic consumers’ concerns about facial aging.

Genetics, stress and fatigue, and fat accumulation under the eyelids are the main causes.

There are three types of under-eye circles: vascular, caused by vessel dilatation; pigmentary, caused by excess melanin; and deep bags or eyelid furrows, caused by fluid or fat accumulation under the eyes. They can also be temporary, as a result of insufficient sleep, or chronic, when they are always present. The former can be resolved with adequate rest, whereas the latter necessitates medical attention.
For more information on treatment options, please contact us via WhatsApp.
Dark circles under the eyes are visible and are usually purplish, causing the skin to appear dark. In some cases, they can be deep and create shadows on the face.
For more information about treatment options, please contact us via WhatsApp.

To improve the appearance of dark circles, we recommend a combination of the modern Melanesse Plus Peeling and the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Harmony AFT 540.

The peeling acts as a medicine, treating and depigmenting the skin from the inside out, without causing any discomfort or burning sensation. We recommend an average of 5 to 10 sessions at biweekly intervals. Pulsed light and laser treatments work by physically destroying the dark pigments responsible for dark circles under the eyes.

For more information about the treatment, please contact us via WhatsApp.

In general, the procedure is well tolerated. The Pulsed Light procedure gradually penetrates the deeper layers of the skin without the abrasiveness that most other lasers cause. Additionally, for the patient’s comfort, we use a strong anesthetic cream.

On average, ten peeling sessions are recommended every two weeks, and five Intense Pulsed Light sessions every 30 days. The hyaluronic acid filling is done in a single session and has a one-year or longer lifespan.

During the treatment, the patient should avoid excessive sunlight and suspend the use of acids and hydroquinone for 3 days prior to the session.

For additional information about the treatment, please contact us via WhatsApp.

Treatment for dark circles produces good results when correctly diagnosed and thoroughly evaluated medically to determine their cause.

The suggested treatments are highly effective, although individual response may vary and achieving “perfect” skin may not be possible. However, after treating thousands of patients over a long period of time, we can confidently report that the vast majority of patients are extremely pleased with the final result.

After the peeling there may be a slight flaking. In Pulsed Light (IPL) there may be a slight redness and more rarely a slight crust. The filler can cause temporary bruising and swelling.

In order to determine the optimal procedure for your case, it is necessary to conduct preliminary research. Conducting research, comparing, and comprehending the distinctions between different types of treatments is the most effective method to guarantee a safe and successful outcome for the desired procedure.

Besides, it is crucial to understand the primary differences between the types and brands of lasers available on the market. Making the right choices is fundamental for safety and achieving the best treatment results.

To ensure a safe treatment, make sure it’s done by a doctor who specializes in aesthetic medicine, and/or members of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology who are laser specialists.

Check out our FAQ page to learn everything there is to know about skin spots treatment.

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