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Exploring Laser Hair Removal: An Overview

The best method to get rid of unwanted hair is laser hair removal.
It can be done permanently on the facial hair, legs, armpits, groin, and entire body. 
Although laser hair removal can remove up to 90% of hair, the final result is also influenced by hair type and color, as well as genetic and hormonal factors.
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Dr. Szerman Explains:

We have been among Rio de Janeiro’s laser hair removal pioneers since 2002.
We only use the LightSheer 400Ms diode laser for the treatment.
The LightSheer is the gold standard in laser hair removal. It has a sapphire “chill” tip cooled to 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit (- 4 °C) that chills the skin before and during treatment to protect it.
It is safe for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin.
Its light beam is drawn to melanin and follows it all the way to the hair bulb.
As a result, the laser’s heat damages the hair bulb, preventing new hair from growing.
Laser hair removal is not only used to remove hair, but it is also used to treat folliculitis, stains, allergies, and hyperpigmentation.

Who does it?

The treatment is administered by Dr. Szerman, a highly experienced doctor who graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). With over 20 years of experience, he is a renowned expert in laser treatments, and he even provides courses for beginner doctors.

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How does it work?

The Diode Laser LightSheer works by using laser light energy to generate heat and cauterize the hair root. This reduces hair without being harmful to the skin’s health.

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What are the benefits?

We only use the most advanced procedures and technology. Our Diode Laser LightSheer treatment for unwanted hair and folliculitis is modern, safe, and effective.

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How much does it cost?

By clicking on the link below, you can take our free online quiz to find out with a doctor which treatment is best for you, as well as the estimated cost.

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How Laser Hair Removal Works

Depoimentos de Pacientes

Discover what our patients have to say about the treatment of Laser Hair Removal at the Clínica de Pele

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- T. M -
- T. M -
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My treatment was laser hair removal. As I have black skin, I required a qualified and empathetic professional, like Dr Ronaldo. The results were noticeable right from the beginning of the treatment, thanks to the high-quality equipment used. I researched extensively until I found the right place.
- M. L. -
- M. L. -
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I am undergoing laser hair removal treatment at this clinic. I had tried it before at other places, but without any significant results. Yet, I found Dr. Szerman who, apart from being an excellent professional, also explained the entire procedure to me. I have had incredible results from the very first session.
- L. C. M. -
- L. C. M. -
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I have just finished my second laser hair removal treatment and the results are fantastic! My skin had no negative reactions and practically all the hair disappeared. I will definitely be treating other areas once this treatment is complete. Thank you to Dr. Szerman and his team!

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The treatment with the LightSheer laser that we use in our clinic is usually well tolerated by patients. To make the procedure more comfortable, we use a local anaesthetic before the online aesthetic evaluation sessions.

One of the biggest benefits of laser hair removal sessions is that it is an alternative to traditional hair removal methods, which can cause harm to the skin and hair, leading to folliculitis (a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection that breaks out in inflamed hair follicles).

Laser Hair Removal Results

The treatment‘s goal is to improve folliculitis and a significant reduction of existing hair at the time of treatment.

Although the LightSheer® 400Ms laser can be used on tanned and black skin, it is more effective on non-tanned and lighter-skinned people.

Both white and black skin respond well to treatment of ingrown hairs (pseudocolliculitis).

Due to its photothermolysis mechanism, dark and coarse hair responds more efficiently and quickly to treatment than lighter and finer hair. Conversely, white, gray, and red hair exhibit less or no response to treatment.

The LightSheer Laser is considered the gold standard for clinical and aesthetic treatment, providing significant improvement and relief even after the initial sessions.

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Laser hair removal costs between R$1,500 and R$10,000, depending on the technology used and the type of professional who will perform the procedure.

Please take a look at our laser hair removal prices.

A depilação a laser com laser de diodo (Light Sheer) é considerada permanente pelo FDA (American Health Council).

Porém, é importante lembrar que características genéticas e hormonais podem interferir no processo.

Para saber mais sobre depilação permanente a laser , continue lendo.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective method for individuals who wish to efficiently and conveniently remove unwanted body hair compared to other hair removal methods.

Laser hair removal works by cauterizing the hair from its root. As a result, the hair bulb is damaged to prevent new hair from growing. 
In simpler terms, the hair acts as the wick in gunpowder. The laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair, going through the melanin and cauterizing the root. 
If you need more information about the treatment, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp.

The Diode Laser LightSheer 400Ms is one of the most effective lasers for hair removal due to its high affinity for melanin. Its wavelength of 800 nm allows the laser light to destroy the hair from the root.

In general, this factor varies according to the sensitivity of each patient. But, the procedure in our clinic is usually well-tolerated. The use of an anaesthetic ointment one hour before the session provides good comfort to patients. If the patient is more sensitive, we use an ice compress during the application and/or a potent cream anaesthetic, which offers great comfort
For more information about the treatment, please contact us via WhatsApp.

The aim of the treatment is to improve folliculitis and remove a significant amount of existing hair during the treatment. Some fine, light-colored hair (like peach fuzz) may still remain. Yet, LASER treatment does not prevent the future growth of new hair caused by genetics, hormones, or medication.

Laser hair removal can be performed on all skin types and almost the entire body, including the face, armpits, groin, legs, beard, back, chest, and abdomen. While it can be applied to black and tanned skin, white skin tends to yield the best results.

Although LightSheer® 400Ms can treat tanned and black skin, it is more effective on non-tanned and lighter-skinned individuals.

Both white and black skin respond well to the treatment of ingrown hair (pseudocolliculitis), which is considered the gold standard of clinical and aesthetic treatment for patients. It provides significant improvement and relief from the initial sessions.

The sessions are held on an average of every 30 days, and patients can observe a progressive elimination of hair since the first sessions. Patients with folliculitis or irritation see rapid and efficient improvement of these problems.

Dark, coarse hair responds faster and better to treatment than lighter, finer hair. White, gray, and red hair, on the other hand, respond less or not at all to treatment.

Yes, it is possible to treat tanned and black skin with the LightSheer® 400Ms technology. This laser is approved by Anvisa for the treatment of any skin type. However, greater efficacy is observed in non-tanned and lighter-skinned individuals.

Both white and black skin respond well to the treatment of ingrown hair (pseudofolliculitis) as well as to the permanent reduction of hair, making it the gold standard of clinical and aesthetic treatment for patients. It provides significant improvement and relief in the initial sessions.

The Fractional Laser was first introduced in 2004, and years later, the Pulsed Laser (Deka Italia), which we use in our office, appeared. The Fractional & Pulsed CO2 Laser is the latest technology that promotes rejuvenation through heat instead of burning, as most other fractional lasers on the market do. This is because heat is the best stimulus for collagen production. [Learn how to treat acne scars now].

On average, laser hair removal requires eight to ten sessions. But, the number of sessions may vary depending on the patient’s skin type, hair characteristics, genetic makeup, and hormonal issues
For more information about the treatment, please contact us via WhatsApp.

To prepare for laser hair removal, it is important to avoid intense sun exposure and refrain from using suntan lotion. During the treatment process, it is recommended to not pull out hair with tweezers or wax. Instead, it is best to shave, cut, or use a depilatory cream. It is necessary for the hair to be visible during the session, but not long enough for the laser to miss the root.

In order to determine the optimal procedure for your case, it is necessary to conduct preliminary research. Conducting research, comparing, and comprehending the distinctions between different types of treatments is the most effective method to guarantee a safe and successful outcome for the desired procedure.

Besides, it is crucial to understand the primary differences between the types and brands of lasers available on the market. Making the right choices is fundamental for safety and achieving the best treatment results.

For safe treatment, only board-certified medical professionals specializing in aesthetic medicine and/or members of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology and/or Laser should be consulted.

Check out our FAQ page to learn everything there is to know about laser hair removal.

A depilação a laser na virilha é um dos procedimentos mais procurados pelas mulheres que sofrem de foliculite (pelos encravados) ou que desejam eliminar os pelos indesejados.

The at-home laser hair removal device is a portable device that promises to provide semi-permanent hair removal.

Its purpose is to replace wax and razors for more effective and less painful hair removal.

This method delivers much lower energy than the lasers used in doctors’ offices for permanent hair removal.

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