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Skin Rejuvenation: Introduction

Based on scientific research, genetics contribute to 30% of the aging process in humans, while the remaining 70% is influenced by our daily habits such as diet, sleep, sun exposure, pollution, and other factors.

It’s common for patients to be unhappy with one aspect of their health when the underlying issue may lie elsewhere.

Dr. Szerman Explains:

In a nutshell, the CO2 Laser rejuvenates the entire face by deeply treating the skin, whereas Chemical Peelings only treat the skin’s surface.

Botulinum Toxin is used to treat expression lines, while dermal fillers (facial harmonization) are used to restore lost volume on the face.

PDO threads are recommended for sagging skin, while Collagen Bio-stimulators firm and maintain the skin.

It is never too late to begin anti-aging treatments, but it is best to begin between the ages of 25 and 30, depending on individual factors. However, some people may already be experiencing skin aging and can benefit from available treatments.

By evaluating the patient’s skin and selecting the most effective treatment for each case, we can strategically reduce the natural effects of aging on their face and give them a more youthful and healthy appearance.

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Before & After

See before and after Facial Rejuvenation photos and observe the evolution of the results

Who does it?
The treatment is administered by Dr. Szerman, a highly experienced doctor who graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). With over 20 years of experience, he is a renowned expert in laser treatments, and he even provides courses for beginner doctors.
How does it work?
The CO2 laser produces heat waves that go deep into the skin layers. This helps to treat signs of aging from within and gives the face a more youthful and natural look.
What are the benefits?
We only use the most advanced procedures and technology. Facial rejuvenation using a CO2 laser is a modern and gentle procedure for the skin that ensures superior outcomes and maximum comfort for the patient.
How much does it cost?
Take our free online quiz now to find out which procedure is best for you, as well as estimated costs, by clicking on the link below.

See how the treatment works

Depoimentos de Pacientes

Check out what our patients have to say about Facial Rejuvenation Treatment at Clínica de Pele

Listen to Katia’s testimonial (in Portuguese)

- G. A -
- G. A -
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I'd like to highlight the fantastic service I received at this clinic. They were extremely helpful in answering my questions via WhatsApp, scheduling appointments, and explaining my treatment in detail. The clinic's location and facilities are also great. I totally recommend it!
- A. P. -
- A. P. -
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This procedure is quick, painless, and affordable, with little or no discomfort. Most importantly, it results in a very natural look while still preserving facial expressions.
- T. A. -
- T. A. -
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I am very pleased with the results of my CO2 laser treatment. Drs. Ronaldo and Guilherme were attentive and professional, providing excellent care and service. The overall experience was outstanding and very human.

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What are some effective ways to rejuvenate your face skin?

One of the most recommended procedures to rejuvenate the skin include:

  • Fractional and Pulsed CO2 Laser Deka, which acts on deep skin rejuvenation
  • Peelings, which help with superficial skin rejuvenation
  • Dermal fillers, which restores volume to the face
  • Botulinum toxin, which is ideal for treating expression wrinkles.

Peelings can give your skin a superficial rejuvenation, but lasers can provide a more profound rejuvenationWe also suggest other treatments such as facial fillers, PDO threads, and botulinum toxin applications.

The fractional CO2 laser is considered the gold standard treatment for facial rejuvenation. However, it’s important to understand how each treatment works. Here’s a breakdown:

Botox is used to treat wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes that are caused by facial expressions.

Filling with hyaluronic acid is used to treat smile lines and marionette lines.

MD Code is a dermal filling technique used in the malar region to provide support to the entire face.

Peeling is effective in rejuvenating the skin’s surface.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is used to treat sun spots and rosacea.

The Pixel and Fractional CO2 lasers are effective in treating deep spots, melasma, sagging, and acne scars.

Botulinum toxin inhibits muscle movement in specific areas, which treats dynamic wrinkles caused by facial expressions such as crow’s feet, forehead lines, and the glabella region located between the eyebrows and above the nose.

Fillers and MD Codes use hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, to restore facial volume lost with age.

For more information about the treatment, contact us via WhatsApp.

The Deka CO2® Laser is the gold standard in the treatment of sagging skin. Unlike most other lasers that burn the skin, this laser uses heat to rejuvenate it through its Fractional & Pulsed technology. It’s worth noting that heat is the best stimulant for collagen production. We also use the Deka Touch CO2 Laser, which has the option of generating even more heat and improving results by using radiofrequency..

The Fractional Laser is a newer type of laser that has fewer side effects and a better recovery process than traditional ablative lasers.

Fractional CO2 Lasers are a modern type of laser that works differently from traditional CO2 lasers. Instead of acting on the entire skin surface, they use the SmartPulse system with microdot technology for more precise and safe control of the treated area. This laser emission is fragmented by a scanner, which protects healthy tissue nearby and promotes quick healing and rejuvenation of the treated skin.

The Fractional Laser creates “thermal columns” (thermal micro-zones) of energy that pass through the skin, leaving portions of untouched skin between these columns. This allows for faster healing from intact healthy skin and consequently, a safer and better recovery of the treated skin.

In CO2 Lasers, the light is absorbed by water, which is transformed into thermal energy, heating and boiling intra and extracellular liquids. Vapors increase intracellular pressure, leading to cellular rupture. The SmartStack function emits a sequence of successive pulses (from 1 to 5) at the same point (DOT) and was developed to precisely control the depth of vaporization and thermal action (heat) of the skin, ensuring safe and effective treatment.

CO2 Lasers must be used differently for certain treatments. The “HighPulse” technology emits a cold laser pulse that protects the skin from the dreaded “rebound effect” of melasma, which is caused by most other lasers that produce heat and cause skin damage. This treatment is well-tolerated and has a fast recovery time.

For more information about the treatment, contact us via WhatsApp.

Our clinic offers facial rejuvenation treatments that can help reduce the signs of aging, recover facial volume, reduce sagging, and restore the elasticity and vigor of your skin. These treatments will help you achieve a rejuvenated, harmonious, and natural appearance.

In Rio de Janeiro, the average price for a fractional laser session starts at R$ 595.00. The final cost for Fractional CO2 Laser sessions at Clínica de Pele Dr. Szerman will be determined after a medical evaluation.

For more information about the treatment, contact us via WhatsApp.

We believe that three things are necessary for successful treatment:

Experienced doctors + modern treatments + well-informed patients.

To achieve this, we strive for excellence in our service by using the latest technology in lasers and procedures that can provide safer and less invasive treatments.

For more information about the treatment, contact us via WhatsApp.

In order to determine the optimal procedure for your case, it is necessary to conduct preliminary research. Conducting research, comparing, and comprehending the distinctions between different types of treatments is the most effective method to guarantee a safe and successful outcome for the desired procedure.

Besides, it is crucial to understand the primary differences between the types and brands of lasers available on the market. Making the right choices is fundamental for safety and achieving the best treatment results.

For safe treatment, only board-certified medical professionals specializing in aesthetic medicine and/or members of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology and/or Laser should be consulted.

Check out our FAQ page to learn everything there is to know about Skin Rejuvenation.

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