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Facial Harmonization: Enhancing Beauty and Symmetry

Our skin contains 56% of our body’s hyaluronic acid. It works by filling the spaces between cells, keeping the skin smooth, elastic, and hydrated.

Dermal fillers can be used to restore facial volume lost over time, improve facial contour, and correct asymmetries.

According to studies, the concentration of hyaluronic acid in our bodies begins to decrease after the age of 25. 

This reduction is visible in the face, with a progressive loss of volume.

We use the MD CODES technique for facial harmonization, which involves using the smallest amount of hyaluronic acid necessary to replace this loss in a subtle and natural way, without any exaggerations.

We perform a thorough facial evaluation before applying MD CODES for harmonization to identify the proportions of the patient’s face and, thus, perform the procedure without affecting its natural characteristics, aiming to offer a satisfactory final result

It is a fact that the aging process is unavoidable and natural. However, with facial harmonization treatment, you can combat the effects of time and gravity on your skin, treating expression lines and leaving it firmer, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance.

Preenchimento Ácido Hialurônico

See before and after Facial Harmonization photos and observe the evolution of the results

Who does it?
The treatment is administered by Dr. Szerman, a highly experienced doctor who graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). With over 20 years of experience, he is a renowned expert in laser treatments, and he even provides courses for beginner doctors. 
How does it work?
When injected, hyaluronic acid fills the spaces between cells, improving dermal support and firmness, reducing static wrinkles, and leaving your face or skin smoother and more uniform.
What are the benefits?
We only use the most advanced procedures and technology. A full face harmonization takes into account each patient's anatomy to achieve the best result in a safe, natural, and harmonious manner.
How much does it cost?
By clicking on the link below, you can take our free online quiz to find out with a doctor which treatment is best for you, as well as the estimated value of the injections and the cost of the procedure.

Find out what is Facial Harmonization

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Listen to Raquel’s testimonial (in Portuguese)

-R. M. -
-R. M. -
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I received treatments at this clinic to reduce the appearance of my nasolabial folds, also known as "smile lines." The results were amazing, leaving my skin looking noticeably improved.
- H. T. -
- H. T. -
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This procedure is quick, painless, and affordable, with little or no discomfort. Most importantly, it results in a very natural look while still preserving facial expressions. My wife had both laser and filler treatments, which she loved. We highly recommend it.
- L. M. -
- L. M. -
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The experience was fantastic! The care provided by Dr. Guilherme and Dr. Ronaldo reinforced the quality of the service.

How is Facial Harmonization Done?

The facial harmonization procedure that we perform in our clinic is well tolerated by the patient because we use fillers that contain anesthetics in their formula, as well as an anesthetic ointment for the face prior to application, ensuring a more comfortable procedure for the patient.

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How is hyaluronic acid used in facial harmonization?

Facial harmonization is a treatment based on MD CODES techniques that uses a natural substance already present in our bodies to safely restore volume and revitalize the face, ensuring the patient’s face has a harmonious, youthful appearance.

We lose facial bone, muscle, and fat as we age, our facial connective tissues weaken, and our skin’s hyaluronic acid decreases.

As a result, we lose the ability to maintain the structures and elasticity of the face, resulting in the appearance of unwanted “static” wrinkles.

In dermatology, this structural loss is referred to as “facial melting”.

It’s almost as if the skin “melted” (slid) over the internal structures of the face (bone, muscle, and fat).

Facial harmonization (Md Codes) is an abbreviation for Medical Codes.

It adheres to the principle that the face should be treated individually (8 Point Lift).

As such, we map out the patient’s face and use the least amount of hyaluronic acid required.

The goal is to restore only the lost facial volume over time, without adding anything extra.

As a result, the face remains youthful and natural, with no exaggeration or undesirable changes.

We have been performing facial harmonization for many years, and patients love the results because we keep the face’s natural and original appearance while only applying what is necessary.

We even recommend that patients bring along some old photos of themselves.

All of this in order to be the best version of yourself.

For more information on the treatment, please contact us via WhatsApp.

The great innovation of MD Codes™ is that it analyzes the face as a whole, allowing the cause of the discomfort to be treated.

The patient already sees most of the results immediately after the session, which makes the treatment very satisfactory. Because hyaluronic acid is highly hydrophilic (a single molecule can retain 100 water molecules), it is common to see even better results a few months after application (hence the suggestion to drink plenty of water after the treatment).

At the Clínica de Pele we prioritize your comfort. The modern fillers we use already contain anesthetic in their formula, and it is a non-surgical procedure (which makes them much more comfortable than other fillers on the market that do not). Furthermore, a local anesthetic ointment is applied prior to the application, making the procedure extremely comfortable for most patients.

Typically hyaluronic acid fillers last at least a year. However, this is a variable that depends on the patient’s age, skin characteristics, and the type of product used.

For further clarifications about the treatment, talk to us on WhatsApp.

Quotes for facial harmonization can range from R$ 1,290 to R$ 10,000.

However, these values may vary depending on the application region, the quantity of hyaluronic acid used, and the professional performing the procedure.

For further clarifications about the treatment, talk to us on WhatsApp.

Dermal fillers should not be used in patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have significant health problems, or who had previously been filled with permanent fillers (PMMA – Methacrylate).

Because it is done with a natural substance produced by the body, facial harmonization is a safe and effective procedure that eliminates the risk of rejection.

For further clarifications about the treatment, talk to us on WhatsApp.

Facial harmonization should be avoided if there is any kind of skin infection. It is also advised to avoid invasive skin procedures the day before the facial harmonization procedure. In any case, an assessment with a specialist is required before beginning treatment.

Because it is a non-surgical procedure, facial harmonization provides a relatively simple and quick recovery. Some swelling or redness is normal after the procedure, but it fades quickly and does not interfere with your daily activities.

In order to determine the optimal procedure for your case, it is necessary to conduct preliminary research. Conducting research, comparing, and comprehending the distinctions between different types of treatments is the most effective method to guarantee a safe and successful outcome for the desired procedure.

Besides, it is crucial to understand the primary differences between the types and brands of lasers available on the market. Making the right choices is fundamental for safety and achieving the best treatment results.

For safe treatment, only board-certified medical professionals specializing in aesthetic medicine and/or members of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology and/or Laser should be consulted.

Check out our FAQ page to learn everything there is to know about Facial Harmonization.

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